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Sales Master Academy (SMA) courses give you the tools you need to achieve maximum results, increase your income, improve your productivity and move to the top of your field.

SMA's mission is to teach you the needed essential skills, which will increase YOUR sales and Managerial Effectiveness, improve YOUR business and achieve YOUR financial goals.

Each course offered at Sales Master Academy contains practical, proven ideas that will produce better results and help you on the road to immediate success.

In addition to your on-line video instruction, you receive student materials: action exercises and optional audio downloadable capabilities to accompany each lesson.
Master Instructor Brian Tracy
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Sales Master Academy Courses

Your ability to sell and manage well largely determines your business and financial success.

SMA's world-famous program, gives you access to over 100 courses and will teach you how to improve your results, faster and easier, than you ever thought possible.

Sales Master Academy teaches you a step-by-step process on how to excel in a competitive market.

You learn how to get more appointments, make better professional presentations, position yourself against competitors, answer objections, negotiate, manage, stay motivated, and CLOSE sales.

Course Structure
Research shows that in a learning environment, the average student can focus and comprehend information for a length of 20-30 minutes. Research also shows that it takes over 21 days of focused energy to change a habit.

Sales Master Academy has structured the course so that every high impact video streamed lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length. SMA also gives you the ability to view its content 24/7 and each course can be viewed as many times as you like.

Cutting-Edge and Powerful Delivery Method
Total functionality. Can be viewed on any size PC using 56k dial up or hi-speed bandwidth. The SMAs web site offers easy navigation with state of the art video tools, including an on screen note pad and a complete course index with on demand features, action exercises, course outlines, online student materials, and an optional user-friendly audio download to mp3 capability.
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Cost Effective Tuition
Sales Master Academy has structured our Tuition so that there is a one-time enrollment fee and a small monthly tuition fee. No contracts, no obligation. Cancel ANYTIME!!

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Over 100 courses to choose from!
Here are just a few!

The Winning Edge
The New Model of Selling
Mega-Credibility in Selling
Prospecting Power
Relationship Selling
Identifying Needs and Solutions
Overcoming Price Resistance
Selling on Non-Price Issues
Closing the Sale
Secrets of Success in Selling
Qualities of Top Salespeople
Asking Your Way to Success
Selling Different People Differently
How Buyers Buy
Psychology of Selling
Building Customer Relationships
Influencing Customer Behavior
Overcoming Objections
Telephone Sales
Time Management for Salespeople
Selling Made Simple
Complex Selling
Selling Consultatively
Value-Added Selling
Power, Politics and Influence
Qualities of Top Negotiators
Negotiating the Sale
Service Excellence
Customers For Life
Personal Sales Planning

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